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Flooring Guide Devonport


  Address   5 Don Road
Devonport, Tasmania
  Phone   03 6424 2849
  Fax   03 6423 2563

Our Products & Services:

  • Carpet
  • Timber Flooring
  • Bamboo Flooring
  • Laminate Flooring
  • Vinyl Flooring
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With over 30 stores in the Eastern states of Australia, Floorworld has provided numerous clients, both residential and commercial, with all of their carpet or flooring needs.

Our range of carpets and flooring products, including timber, bamboo, laminate & vinyl flooring, is sourced from some of the biggest brands on the market.

Through our incredible buying power, we are able to provide clients with these great products at low prices.

About Devonport Floorworld

Devonport Floorworld is a locally owned and operated flooring business in Devonport that provides homes and businesses with some of the leading products for flooring and carpets in the area. We pride ourselves on supplying the local Devonport community with quality products at prices that are affordable.

Flooring Range

We have a vast range of flooring options at our showroom to suit any residential or commercial property, including timber, laminate, vinyl and bamboo flooring. So whether you are looking for the genuine product or a convincing imitation, we can provide you with a quality timer flooring solution.

Our Carpets

For a carpet solution that will perfectly suit your home or business, look to Devonport Floorworld. We have a great range of products available at our showroom to suit any contemporary or traditional styled home, as well as commercial offices and buildings. With the range of styles and colours on offer, you can be sure to find a carpet that is best suited to your property.

Contact our professionals at Devonport Floorworld for more information on our products and services, or to book a free measure and quote.

Devonport Floorworld have an incredible range of products that will suit any style of home or business.

  • We Are A Local Business
  • Our Products Are Affordable
  • We Provide Reliable Service
  • You Deal With Professionals

To find out more about our carpet or flooring products, please contact Devonport Floorworld on (03) 6424 2849.